Small Business Server – What Type Is Best To Choose?

Are you confused about, what type of small business server do you need? The server you choose should reflect the amount and type of applications to run on it. You must know how many users will use this service. Many common applications such as the print server and sharing Office documents such as Word and Excel files are so low processing demands that a single low-cost server can reach across the enterprise to manage easily. Other tasks such as housing databases or libraries large images require more processing power along with fast hard drives and plenty of space, with corresponding network connections with large capacity.

windows small business server

When buying a server, there are three aspects to consider:

  1. Server Type: tower, rack or blade?
  2. Hardware Configuration
  3. Software for servers

You can choose from these three types of servers:

Tower Servers are the most basic server market and occupy the same space as the average computer. The tower servers are ideal for small businesses that:

  • Have limited space and need a centralized without requiring a data processing room.
  • They need to perform monitoring and maintenance simpler network resources.
  • They want to reduce susceptibility to intrusions and attacks through a central location.

Usually, a tower is recommended as first server. You can also select the amount of hard disks and processors to the server. For an office with less than 25 employees, tower server is quite suitable with a processor and two to four hard drives. If you have more than 25 employees or if you plan to run applications that make heavy use of data, then server with two processors and four to six hard drives are beneficial.

Rack Servers – These servers have stacked in racks just like a CD stack. It is an option that saves space, but is best suited for companies:

  • They want to maximize the space in a centralized data center.
  • They need flexibility to combine servers that correspond to the applications and workloads.
  • Dedicated large internal storage size for the server required.

Rack servers are best for small businesses who are very experienced in the world of servers or to medium businesses that need more servers.

Blade servers – Blade servers – These systems are the most compact version of the three servers. They take their name from the English word meaning “leaf” because of its slim shape. Many blade servers can be installed vertically in one cabinet, to share certain hardware components such as power supplies. Due to its ultra-compact size, it can be placed more servers in less space. Consolidate infrastructure traditional blade servers in cabinets that save space and energy means:

  • More processing
  • Less space
  • Less energy
  • Less time and money for administration

Blade servers are ideal for businesses that require much more computing power or companies plan to develop a data center.

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